Have a Heart Teams all over Namibia are – Thanks to all the great people supporting Namibia’s less fortunate dogs and cats – in the lucky position to have spay days once a year in six towns, twice a year in 13 towns and ongoing monthly sterilisations in five towns.

This is a total of 24 (yes twenty-four!!) towns all over Namibia having regular spay days! Every single operation is changing a dogs or cats and their family’s life. The animal has a change to become more happy and┬áhealthy, which takes a lot of worries of their families shoulders. And this is only possible because of you!

Because of the fact that spay/neuter is not a once-of-story, as only one pair of dogs or cats can start the cycle all over again, especially in medium and larger settlements and towns, we have to plan ahead and make sure follow up visits are possible. Have a Heart is fully dependent on donations and before we are able to start in a new town, lots of fundraising must be done and fund must be in place, not only for the new town, but also for the ongoing help in the 24 “old” towns.

The picture shows the wake up area in Aus, a small town Have a Heart is having Spay Days for many years already – and hopefully for many many more years!