Witvlei and Omitara Spay Days

This week we held the first ever spay days in the remote townships of Omitara and Witvlei and once again it became evident how much need there is for our services.  Even with no prior advertising or canvassing, within minutes of arriving in each location we were overrun by people wanting spay and neuter services for their pets.  Our funding is limited so we were not able to help every person.  We sterilised 27 animals in Omitara and 26 in Witvlei – so in just two days 53 more animals were helped.  Once again we were overwhelmed by the love and dedication the people had for their animals.  Those people towards the end of the list patiently waited for 5 hours for it to be their pet’s turn for sterilisation.  All owners waited with their pets in the wake-up area to make sure they were not scared when waking up in a strange place and carried them home when they were done.  Today we work in Gobabis with the Have-a-Heart Gobabis team.

A total of 20 sterilisations per spay day are covered by the Lafrenz Trust – but we could help more animals if additional funding was available.  We ask people to consider making a donation to Have-a-Heart Mobile to help these under-serviced and remote communities, it is very hard for us to turn people away who so badly need our help.