What is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)? by www.alleycat.org

It is exactly what it sounds like: Cats are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be neutered and vaccinated. After recovery, the cats are returned to their home—their colony—outdoors. Kittens and cats who are friendly and socialized to people may be adopted into homes.

TNR stops the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing multiplying. It provides a life-saving, humane and effective solution for these beautiful, independent cats. Colonies that are involved in TNR diminish in size over time. It keeps the cats healthy. They really have great lives out there doing their feral cat thing.

TNR relieves cats of the constant stresses of mating and pregnancy. Spaying and neutering also virtually eliminates the chance of cats developing mammary or testicular tumors. Cats tended to roam less after neutering, which is beneficial for their safety and reduces conflict with neighbors. Colonies become quieter as behaviors like yowling or fighting stop, calls to authorities about the cats decrease significantly, and community morale improves.Usually, neighbors are relieved just to learn that something is being done to stabilize the cat population.

Trap-Neuter-Return Protects Cats’ Lives

Investing in spay/neuter and TNR is an investment in cats’ lives and cats’ health, and it demonstrates a socially-responsible (and compassionate) and efficient approach to serving the animals and the public.

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