Walvis Bay!!!!

Great news from Walvis Bay!

Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay managed to raise enough funds for two full spay days last weekend! Yes!
One day took place in Narraville and one in Kuisebmund location. And, oh boy, we learned how much spay/neuter is needed and requested in both areas!!

Dr. Baines and his team from Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia operated in only two days 10 cats and 50 dogs!! Thank you so so so much for the great work!
And also thank you to every single person making it possible with a donation to help so many dogs and cats!
And of course thank you so much to every single owner for bringing their dog or cat to the clinic!
We now have 60 more loved members in our big Have a Heart Family 

But unfortunately many many many dogs and cats had to be sent away, because there was not enough time and funds to help them all  This is beyond tragic, as the owners know spay/neuter is something positive on so many levels and have Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay would like and needs to help so many more dogs and cats in need…
We would love to have more big spay days and keep on expanding the big Have a Heart Family!
So become part of something positive, change a life into a good direction with a donation today! THANK YOU!

Picture: Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia