Remember Wagter?

Wagter is one very special and much loved dog from Kamanjab 

During a spay day with the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia in 2018, Wagter’s owner came to Dr Baines, asking for help, Wagter had an ingrown collar… His owner felt very bad about it and was desperate to get help for Wagter.

Thanks to Animal-Kind International‘s support, Dr Baines could immediately perform an emergency operation and safe Wagter’s life!

Since then, Wagter’s very caring owner sent regular updates on Wagter to Dr Baines and everyone was happy Wagter was back to his old self. 

When the August spay days in Kamanjab took place last week, Wagter was due for a follow up visit! Dr Baines checked Wagter, his neck healed very well and he is a happy and healthy dog. And as our old customer, Wagter of course received his anti parasite treatment 

Wagter’s owner would like to know everyone how thankful he is for the help Wagter received! THANK YOU!

Photo: Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia – Sharon Baines