Update South Trip

John Kwedhi and his dog Bullet was one of the last ‘customers’ for Bullet’s sterilisation and vaccination in Luderitz during our most recent spay trip. During the eight day trip, five towns were visited and 225 dogs and cats sterilised. We also saw 251 old customers brought back for a follow up consultation!!

As always, we do not do this alone and we would like to thank the following people and businesses for their help and support:

Elsabe Bezuidenhout in Bethanie for accommodation and food
Bahnhof Hotel Aus – Namibia for accommodation
Klein-Aus Vista Lodge for lunch and the N$ 692.40 from their pink piggy donation box
A generous donation from Christine Wulff-Swiegers
Element Riders in Luderitz for accommodation
Jessica from Luderitz for helping for two days in Luderitz
Lüderitz Town Council for logistical help and support
And an anonymous person sponsoring a dog spay for their mother’s belated Christmas present
And finally, the Mobile Animal Clinic of Baines VetCareCC for being available for this trip.