Update on Sussie <3

Today we would like to update you on Sussie 
Sussie had her burnt skin removed at the beginning of the week and the healing process has started. She is still missing her family very much but they visit her from time to time to keep her spirits up. Her vet at Swakop Vet Clinic is planning one more big bandage change for Sussie and after that she might be ready to move into the hospital room at the great Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA), where she will be cared for and looked after until she is ready to go back home to her family. A big THANK YOU again to Animal-Kind International for covering Sussie’s medical expenses!!

We spoke a few times to Sussie’s family and found out during our first visit that Sussie has a brother named Fire. Fire didn’t get injured, but both Sussie and Fire lost their little dog houses as well, so the fantastic Feed a Paw Project dropped off a new dog house for Fire, as well as a blanket and bag of food  Thank you so much for all you do, Feed a Paw Project, Madelaine Strydom and team!

As most of you know by now Sussie’s family wasn’t at home when the fire broke out, but when the neighbors saw the very fast spreading fire and heard Sussie crying in pain two young men risked life and injury to rescue Sussie. Despite the fact the fire was so close that it injured Sussie, the terrible smoke everywhere and Sussie trying to bite them because of her panic and pain, they went to her and helped her to get away.

We are very proud to hear that there are such wonderful humans out there! We salute you and say a big, big THANK YOU for making the world a better place!!

Also again a big Thank You to everyone who help Sussie’s family so far. They are still in need of building material, if anyone can assist, please contact Michelle Weylandt!