Update on beautiful Nica 

Nica from Swakopmund’s township had a bad start in life; she broke her leg and was left behind by her “owner” when he moved away. 
But Nica’s luck changed, because her neighbors, who didn’t have the financial means to take her to the vet but cared a lot about and adopted her, contacted the awesome Feed a Paw Project and asked for help. Madelaine Strydom immediately organised everything for Nica, took her to the vet and thanks to Animal-Kind International we had enough funds available to not only get Nica sterilised but also her leg fixed.

Today Nica got her external fixers removed and she is now a happy, healthy dog with a loving family to call her own!

We love such happy ends and we are grateful for every person who supports Have a Heart, because without YOU there wouldn’t be a happy end for Nica!  Thank you!