This week is our Karibib Feral Cat week!

How do we help the cats?

There are two colonies of feral cats in Karibib we are currently able to help. The smaller group has around 20 cats and 12 of them are already spayed or neutered. The second group consists of around 30 cats and the team managed to get a whooping 26 cats sterilised!

There are two caring citizens in Karibib who feed and check on the feral cats regularly. As nearly all of the cats are feral and not used to be touched by humans, the easiest way to catch the cats was the following: the cats get their food only inside transport boxes and over time they become used to walk into the boxes without fear. On spay days the cats go as usual inside the boxes and we simply close the door when the right – not yet operated – cat is inside. This is a very soft and stress free trapping and works well with the two groups.

The cats will be transported to the vet and after their operation and recovery they will go back home to their family.