Thank you!

The spay day at Kapsfarm location was a spay day not really planned a long time ahead by us, and we would like to THANK YOU again everyone for making it possible for us to add 21 dogs and 9 cats from the Kapsfarm location to the Have a Heart family!

Without the “last minute” support and donations this much needed spay day would not have been possible!

THANK YOU to Cat Adams – Act of Kindness for all you did to make this spay day happen!

Also a big THANK YOU to the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia, Dr. Baines and his team for being available! Dr. Baines changed his plans to go to the Kapsfarm location only days before the spay day and as you can see in the picture, this decision was very much appreciated by many thankful dog and cat owners!

Pictures: Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia