Sadly sometimes we have sad news to share:

A few month ago we received a desperate call from Luderitz. Sweetie, one of our old customers had an accident and broke both her front legs.

Thanks to Animal-Kind International and lots of help from volunteers and vets in Namibia, we were able to offer Sweetie a second chance.

Especially Dr. Minty from Rhino Park Vet Clinic put in a lot of love into Sweetie’s care and for many weeks Sweetie’s home was the clinic. So many people did everything possible, but so sad it is, we weren’t able to help Sweetie to heal 

Her injuries were severe that even with, in total four operations, medication, the best care and strict cage rest, she didn’t heal properly.

Day by day it became more obvious “our” brave girl Sweetie will never be able to ever walk without pain… Sadly the best and most humane decision was to let her go over the rainbow bridge 

We would like to say a big Thank you again to Animal-Kind International for making it for us as a spay and neuter project possible to give dogs like Sweetie a second chance, to everyone who helped and spoiled Sweetie until her last moment and to Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) for offering Sweetie a private hospital room with full time care if needed during her recovery.