Raffie and Babatjie are two of the dogs we have met during our last vaccination and education campaign in Swakopmund.

When Dr. Maya did a check up on this two beautiful girls, she confirmed that they have TVT 
Transmissible Venereal Tumor, or TVT, is a naturally occurring tumor that is sexually transmitted from one dog to another.

TVT is one of the many reasons why spay and neuter is so important! A dog can NOT get TVT when it is spayed or neutered BEFORE getting on heat for the first time or being interested in female dogs!

It is a deadly sickness, but luckily it can be treated very easy.

This two girls have been sterilised with YOUR support at the Swakop Vet Clinic two days ago and because we committed to keep “our dogs” healthy, they will from now on receive once a week TVT treatment (4 – 6 weeks) until they are back to health again 

Thank you to everyone who helped with a donation that Raffie and Babatjie and all the other Have a Heart dogs and cats can live a happy and healthy life and thank you Feed a Paw Project in Swakopmund for making sure Raffie and Babatjie will keep their vet appointments