Swakopmund 1

THANK YOU to everyone who donated towards Have a Heart to make it possible for us to send these three beautiful doggies from Swakopmund’s Township to the vet clinic for sterilisation, vaccination and parasite treatment! They are not the happiest dogs in the world today but from tomorrow for sure!! 

Thank you so much Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom for organising everything for these three beauties and Otto for driving up and down all day long! The dogs are currently on their way back home to rest.

The waiting list in Swakopmund for more dogs and cats in need of sterilisation is still very long, please everyone, keep on supporting Have a Heart so that one day Namibia can say “we have the most beautiful and well looked after dog and cat population in the world”!

Also please support the Feed a Paw Project, the work this team does is incredible and makes a huge different!