Swakop is busy!

Just to show you how much is happening every day in Swakopmund: These are the 3 doggies that have been operated and vaccinated today!

You may ask how does it work in Swakop? In Swakopmund so many fantastic people come together every day, to help the less fortunate dogs and cats, animals who may otherwise never have the chance to see a vet and get help.

This is a “normal” routine day:
Swakop Vet Clinic informs the day before the Feed a Paw Project Team, Madelaine Strydom, for how many dogs and cats from the townships there is space to be operated. During the morning, between 7 and 8 am, the Feed a Paw Project Team drives to DRC and Mondesa to pick up the chosen dogs or cats and drops them off at the clinic. During the next 2 – 3 hours the dogs get checked out, operated, vaccinated, treated against internal and external parasites, they receive vitamins and pain medication. In case they are sick or injured, treatment will be started.

After the operation the Swakop Vet Clinic Team monitors the dogs and cats during the recovery and from 3 pm in the afternoon the Feed a Paw Project Team picks the animals up to bring them back home.
In case one of the dogs or cats have an injury or illness that requires some resting time, the fantastic SPCA in Swakopmund offers a place for them to stay until the animal is healthy enough to go back home.

The spay/neuter service we offer has a high demand, lots of dog and cat owners from many townships and settlements in Namibia know how important sterilisation is, not only for the animal itself, but also for the humans around the animal and especially because there are still too many homeless dogs and cats in Namibia. Our waiting list in many many towns is still VERY long.

Please join us, the Have a Heart Project, but also the Feed a Paw Project as well as the SPCAs, they all do fantastic jobs, but all depend on donations!

We all have the same goal: making Namibia the best home for animals!