Stompie and Bruno

Last week the Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay team received a frantic phone call from a desperate dog owner: Her two dogs Bruno and Stompie (both are old customers and known by the team for years) had been confiscated and picked up by the Municipality because one of the two apparently trying to bite a person walking by.

The owner was in tears, she loves her dogs and just wanted them back, can we help? Yes, we can!

Of course it is good that the Municipality stepped up to protect humans from being bitten by dogs, but we are also very thankful that the Municipality in Walvis Bay has an open mind and is willing to find a solution before killing dogs!

The first thing we did was to confirm the dogs have been vaccinated against rabies. The second step was for the owner to make sure that the dogs – for everyone’s safety – in future don’t get out of the yard into the street.

When the dogs came back home, at first the only possible option was to use a rope to prevent that they get out of the yard, but this is of course not a long term solution and the Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay team would not stop here!

So the absolutely fantastic Rheeta from Waterbay Woods organised a big early Christmas present for Stompie, Bruno and their family!
Not only the wood needed to build a safe yard for Stompie and Bruno has been donated by them, Rheeta also made sure everything has been set up in no time! WOW!!

Thank you so so so much Rheeta for stepping up and playing a big part in saving the life of Stompy and Bruno!!