Spitzkoppe Turn Off News

Spay/Neuter service for dogs and cats in less fortunate communities is not a “once off and all is done” process. As just one unsterilised breeding pair of dogs can produce thousands of dogs within 5 years, it is essential – when started once – to be able to offer regular free spay/neuter days! Without this, there wouldn’t be a long lasting positive impact!

Due to Have-a-Heart providing regular spay days in 20 towns, we need to ensure our funds are enough to keep working in these towns – if not all our work would become pointless. Currently, our financials are stretched to limits and we are unfortunately not able to add new towns to our current program.

But from time to time, however, we have the possibility to hold spay days in very small communities. Small communities with around 20 – 30 dogs and cats, are helped within one day and to be on top of the situation, only require check up / follow up visits once a year, where usually only around 5 – 10 animals need help.

One such small community is the stone seller community at the Spitzkoppe turn off on the B2 road close to Usakos!

Last week Dr Baines and his team from theĀ Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibiahad time to visit the Spitzkoppe community and sterilised, vaccinated and treated against parasites 22 cats and dogs!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who donates towards Have a Heart to make it possible to help the less fortunate dogs and cats of Namibia and thank you to the community for making sure your dogs and cats are sterilised and vaccinated!

Photo: Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia