This is a post from today on the Global Alliance for Rabies Control page and we would like to share it with you. We follow the work of Global Alliance for Rabies Control and of course every single animal that gets spayed or neutered via Have a Heart receives a Rabies Vaccination, as well as our Doctors also vaccinated donkeys we met during spay days. Two of Have a Heart’s volunteers are certified Rabies Educators and Communicator Coordinator. Namibia has – compared to many other countries – not a “big rabies” problem, but one death because of rabies is one death too many and it is important for us to vaccinate our Have a Heart dogs and cats!

Global Alliance for Rabies Control: Did you know that today is World Zoonoses Day? Zoonoses are diseases that are passed from animals to humans and vice-versa and that includes rabies.

It marks the day in 1885 when Louis Pasteur first administered a successful rabies vaccine. The question is, why are people still dying from this disease 133 years later when it is 100% preventable?

Find out at the link below how we are working towards ending human deaths from canine rabies by 2030