When Have a Heart started operating dogs and cats of low and no income dog and cat owners in 2013, we realised there are lots of problems, caused by parasites, many animals have:

Ticks, worms, fleas, mange bugs are just a few to name…

All those parasites are making the animals unwell, sick and – sometimes combined with an other sickness due to the already weak immune system – can kill the animal.

But also humans are in danger when contract parasites!

This is why Have a Heart made it standard with every spay or neuter operation to treat every single dog and cat against parasites and also to keep the promise to offer free treatment for the rest of the animal’s life. This is possible because of the fantastic support from Animal-Kind International! Thank you!

During the last spay trip in Khorixas and Kamanjab a whooping 56 animals have been brought to Dr. Baines and his team of the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia for a follow up check and anti parasite treatment!

The three dogs seen on the pictures are now all happy and healthy  click on the pictures to read their stories 

Twin and her best friend is since 2016 a member of the Have a Heart family and is receiving twice a year her important anti parasite treatment!


This is sadly something we see many times… Tick bite fever is a wide spread problem of many dogs in Namibia. A simple N$ 5 parasite treatment is helping to rescue this dog! Please support Have a Heart!



Scoopy is one of the first dog we helped in Luderitz. This how we saw him first in 2014. Today he is a big happy and healthy dog who is always brought in to his follow up anti parasite treatments by his loving family! Tomorrow we will post a picture of him how he looks today