Ousie :-)

Today we have a “feel good” story from the Feed a Paw Project​ team, Madelaine Strydom about beautiful girl Ousie 

Feed a Paw
1 August 2018
Who remembers Ousie?
Our company, Strydo Construction, have been working in Drc since 2014.
We have been feeding this girl since the beginning. She was one of the fitst Have a Heart doggies in Drc.
Well, she adopted Us!
Does not matter with whom she rides along. She loves it. She has a permanent food bowl at our site in Drc. Together with a few of her friens , they eat and visit there daily. In the evenings she goes to her home. Here she is with my son.

We love you Ousie and we are happy you are part of the Feed a Paw and Have a Heart families!