Omitara, Witvlei and Gobabis

There have been some absolutely great spay days during the last week in Omitara, Witvlei and in Gobabis.

Thank you so so much to every single one who contributed, helped, supported or did anything else to make this so much needed and wanted help for our less fortunate Namibian doggies and kittens happen!

In Omitara 23 dogs and 8 cats have been sterilised and 23 old customers came for follow up parasite treatment 
In Witvlei 25 dogs and 2 cats got the chance for a new life (sterilisation, vaccination and parasite treatment) and 11 old customers came back to the clinic! 
A big Thank You goes to the Katima Mulilo community and the Hundeschulzentrum KirmiziKristina Killian for bringing a big part in making the last two spay days in Omitara and Witvlei happen! Thank you so much for supporting this two small communities and their dogs and cats!

In Gobabis we teamed up again with HaveaHeart Gobabis and in only two days a total of 58 dogs and 12 cats have been sterilised!

This is just too great and we commit to keep on working hard to help all the loved dogs and cats in Namibia in need and to bring the number of unwanted animals down in the most humane way possible – by sterilising – as well as helping to keep our old customers happy and healthy!