We are so happy and proud to tell you; last week three beautiful dogs became the first ever members of our Have-a-Heart OMARURU family!!

A lot of organising goes into starting with a new town and we are beyond thankful that Peter and Birgit Dorrenbacher decided to rise to the challenge and make Have-a-Heart Omaruru a reality. Of course such work wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated vet and this is the wonderful Omaruru State Vet Estelle Oosthuysen and her assistant Mona-Lisa – thank you both! And also a big thanks to the dog owners of Build Together settlement for seeing the value of sterilisation and trusting the new team to safely sterilise their animals.

And as always – we thank all those supporting Have-a-Heart, without funding none of our work would be possible. We look forward to expanding our Have-a-Heart Omaruru family!!