Omaruru News!

And we have more good news from Omaruru to share!!!

A few days ago the two beautiful dogs Kamasile and Meisie (the second Meisie for Omaruru ) have been castrated, vaccinated and treated against parasites.

On the pictures you can see in the background Mr. Samuel Maendo with his dog Kamasile and Sunnyboy with Meisie in the front. 
Meisies owner, Mr. Alfeus Kahuure, is an older man, so Sunnyboy helped during the transport (done by the wonderful Have a Heart Omaruru team) to Dr Estelle and back.

This Meisie is unfortunately also sick with TVT, but she already received her first injection and will be healthy soon! 

Have a Heart Omaruru has now 4 dogs for weekly TVT treatment to save their lives and a long list of dogs and cats in need of spay or neuter.

Please find below the banking details in case you would like to support Omaruru’s dogs and cats and make Omaruru a town full of happy and healthy dogs and cats!

Thank you!!