News from Walvis Bay

The cats at the Walvis Bay harbor are extremely lucky that there are two men with a big heart care about them: Charles and Henk!

Thanks to them the mousers at the harbor are sterilised (via trap-neuter-return) and the cats can focusing on their jobs as pest control officers!

Charles and Henk are looking after them, they buy cat food from their own pocket (to keep the cats in good condition and strong enough to do their work), take them to the vet if needed, provide them with a place to sleep and make sure that any new cat gets sterilised, too. Our lovely volunteer Wena assists them.

Now the cat population at the harbour is stable, healthy and under control.

Walvis Bay has a huge stray cat problem and If we had more people like them, we could over time reduce the suffering of the homeless cats and takes pressure from the small SPCA.

Thanks a meowillion for what you do 💞

Please contact Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay if you’d like to help, too!