News from Omaruru

We have great news from Omaruru for you! So far this year 14 dogs and cats have already been sterilised and vaccinated! 🐱🐶 Two beautiful dogs, Huisbas and Meisie belonging to dedicated owner Benson Goagoseb received their Have-a-Heart full service along with five feral cats from the Prison College feral colony, three semi-ferals living in the riverbed in Kashana and another which appeared from the bush in Erongo Park! Currently the team is busy catching three more cats from the school behind the veterinary clinic with the help of Dr Estelle in order to sterilise and vaccinate them too!

And there’s more! Thanks to Ronja and Eugene Spangenberg from Something Woody Carpentry donated SEVEN boxes for catching the feral cats in! These boxes help the team to get one step closer to their goal of sterilising all feral cats in Omaruru and we couldn’t be more grateful for this! 🐾

As always we’d like to thank each and every person supporting Have-a-Heart, without you, none of this would be possible 🌈