News from Kamanjab and Khorixas

We always love to get updates on our old customers!

After the dog or cat had his/her spay/neuter operation, Have a Heart supports caring owners, to keep the animal happy and healthy.

One important part is the booster vaccination (Rabies!) and the treatment against internal and external parasites. Ticks, fleas, worms… they can cause damage to animal’s health but most are also a danger for the human’s health, so there is no two questions about the importance!

Thanks to Animal-Kind International, we have been able to offer “our” dogs and cats the anti parasite treatment and booster vaccinations. Animal-Kind International and it’s supporter play such a big role in keeping Namibia’s dog and cats happy and healthy! Thank you!!

During the last visit of the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia in Kamanjab and Khorixas, 6 cats and 88 dogs showed up for a follow up visit