Nelson Mandela

Today is the day the great Nelson Mandela would have turned 100 years old!!

And today we will also close our ‘100 years Nelson Mandela fundraiser’ and we would like to share with you how happy we are about how many of you joined Have a Heart! So many people joined that 20 more dogs and cats will be able to get their life changing sterilisation, vaccination, parasite treatment and join the ever-growing Have a Heart Family!

This is really really fantastic, thank you so, so, so much to everyone!

Namibia is a great country and our big dream is to get the world to not only know Namibia as the country with the largest free roaming cheetah population and as the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution, but also as the country with the worldwide most looked after dog and cat population.

And with Nelson Mandela’s words “A Winner is a Dreamer who never gives up” we are looking forward to post many, many more updates from our spay days!