March 2020

We want to share with you a positive update from Have-a-Heart Namibia to keep you in the loop about the things happening:

In Keetmanshoop Angie from Have a Heart Keetmanshoop was able to get two more cats sterilised. Both cats had lots of kittens and as soon as they were old enough, Angie made sure the mommas both got spayed. A big Thank You goes to the Keetmans State Vets for helping with the spay operation!

But also in Okahandja we had busy days: during the last two weeks, a total of 15 cats haven been spayed or neutered! Thank You to everyone involved and Thank You to Windhoek Animals Hospital in Okahandja for the fantastic support towards the cats!

And also the team around Jette was busy again: they managed to catch another 7 feral cats in Karibib, transport them to Omaruru and Dr Estelle not only spayed or neutered all of them, one cat had a big wound in her face. The wound got cleaned and stitched and is healing well.Thank You so much to EVERYONE who is part of helping the feral cats!

In Walvis Bay the Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay pan cake sale was a big success! Thank you so much all the volunteers for organising and selling the pan cakes and making sure we can help more animals in Walvis Bay! And we are amazed how much support the team got! Thank You to every single person enjoying the pan cakes!

And in Swakop a lot happened, too! First a big big big Thank you goes to the lady who regularly goes to the Swakp Vet Clinic and pays for some of the spays and neuters. We really appreciate your constant support very much! Without support and donations towards the dogs and cats in Namibia, we wouldn’t be able to help any animal! The Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA)Feed a Paw Project – Madelaine Strydom, Swakop Vet Clinic and Have-a-Heart Namibia work close together to help as much as we all can. Check the pictures for detailed stories!

Thank You again to each and everyone involved, from donation, support over admin work, field work, fundraising to the vets supporting the project.. we all make a positive different together! Thank you Cat Adams – Act of Kindness for all the support and Swakop Charity Shop!

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