Mange in Henties Bay

Today it’s time for the next spay day afternoon with Have a Heart Henties Bay!
Henties Bay townships have a huge problem with not only too many, many unwanted dogs (sterilisation is the ONLY humane long term solution!), lots of dogs struggle with mange 
Mange is a little bug in the skin of the dog, usually depressed by a dogs immune system. But in case the dog gets sick or reproduces or has to feed puppies, the immune system is too busy to keep the mange bugs under control and they can multiply. This causes a terrible itching; the dogs keep on scratching, breaking the skin and because the immune system is already down and the constant itching costs the dogs a lot of energy, secondary infections can act up and untreated all together can cause a terrible and slow (over a month) death.

When Have a Heart sterilises a dog it will not only be treated against external parasites, but also because the dogs don’t have to reproduce anymore, the body/immune system has more energy to heal ad fight against mange, usually the dog is healthy very soon and after only a few weeks, all hair has grown back 

Please support Have a Heart Henties Bay as there are still many many loved but less fortunate dogs that need help and Thank you so much to Dr. Winterbach for spending his afternoon off to help!

Thank you so much to everyone who donates and makes all the help possible!!!