Luderitz Town Council

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to Lüderitz Town Council!

When we started our plans to hold spay days in Luderitz 5.5 years ago, one task was to inform the Town Council and find out what their perspective is towards the humane long term solution to reduce stray and homeless animals with spay and neuter.

After all, Luderitz had a huge problem with dogs roaming around all over the town, many sick with mange, skinny, terrible looking…. And we have had heard stories about mass shootings of dogs as a solution happened there years before.

Mass shooting of dogs is not only inhumane and cruel, but also traumatising for every human who has to witness it, and it is scientific proven by the WHO – and 5.5 years ago in Luderitz also very obvious – it’s not working as a solution at all.

We scheduled a meeting with the Health Inspector Mr DeWee, and boy, was he happy to see us and hear about our plans! He was and is absolutely against shooting of dogs and he couldn’t be more supportive towards our plans!

Now, a bit over 5 years after our very first spay day, a total of 700 animal (634 dogs and 66 dogs) are spayed or neutered, the number of homeless dogs and mange declined a lot, and the dogs one can see roaming around are most of the time happy and healthy animals on a walk.

Mr DeWee retired, but the new Health Inspector, Mrs Christalina, is also always very supportive!

Thank you so much, Luderitz Town Council, for being an example of how working together with Have a Heart, a town can go a very positive and beautiful way!

We are looking forward to many many more spays days in Luderitz, as we love to support this town very much!