Luderitz Spay Day No 1

Today we had our first of two spay days in Luderitz, at Benguela Hall, a spot where we have had many spay days already.

5 cats and 31 dogs have been sterilised, vaccinated and treated against parasites!
As we know, Luderitz has – due to the climate – a huge problem with mange, so this parasite treatment is very important!
Some of our new customers had mange in various stages, but we are confident, they will all be fine soon.

On top of it, we have seen 54 old customers (50 dogs and 4 cats), and only one of the dogs had mange! We are so happy about this, as most of the dogs and cats that came back today, have been sterilised during our very first spay days in 2014! It’s so great to see our old-old customers so happy and healthy!

On the picture one can actually see 7 dogs that have been with us since the very first big spayathon in Luderitz 
We loooove them so much!