Lucky and the dog and cat overpopulation crisis in Namibia….

Have a Heart was founded in 2013 by the late Lindie Prinsloo with the goal “saving lives through sterilisation” and the story of Lucky (aka Koos) shows why spay/neuter is so important!

But first: Lucky’s story has a beautiful outcome!

Lucky was clearly unwanted by his owners. We don’t know why, but the way he was abused and mistreated shows without a doubt, someone wanted to get rid of him in a terrible and inhumane way.

Lucky was lucky, he was found by a caring person and brought to Tsumeb Veterinary Clinic (have a look at the page to see the full story timeline), where he was immediately treated, cared for and loved. On top of it, also the Tsumeb SPCA and lots of people stepped up for Lucky and donations for his treatment came in, to make sure everything will be done to make up for the terrible things “humans” did to Lucky.

As Lucky was at that stage a homeless dog, Have a Heart of course immediately said yes to cover the costs for his important neuter operation!

But Lucky’s luck didn’t end here: After a few days of recovery, Lucky got adopted by the best home he can possibly have!

But why, you might ask, could have sterilisation saved his life? Well, it must be seen in the big picture. We clearly have an overpopulation crises in Namibia. There are more dogs and cats in Nambibia than good homes. If we wouldn’t have that crises but instead open homes, Lucky would have easily found a home the moment his former “owner” decided to get rid of him.

And no, this is not a problem of Nambia’s townships. This is a problem all over Namibia, desperate people from everywhere dump animals in fields, dustbins, roads…. Most dogs and cats are not as lucky as Lucky was – they suffer a terrible death, which is to 100 % unnecessary.

If we – through spay and neuter – can in future make sure, that no unwanted animals at all will be born in Namibia, this suffering will not take place anymore and we really are saving lives through sterilisation!

A big Thank you goes to Tsumeb Veterinary ClinicTsumeb SPCA, the person who found Lucky and cared about him, every single person who supported Lucky’s treatment, his new owners and of course to EVERYONE who supports Have a Heart and making it possible for us to offer free spay/neuter for dogs and cats of no or low income owners.