All of us love animals and because of this, it was no question for us to do everything in our power to help a member of our Have a Heart family in need!

Lady is one of the dogs we spayed quite some time ago in Luderitz, and when her owner told the Spca Luderitz, Lady doesn’t feel well, a group of people came together to help Lady. Have a Heart’s mission is to spay and neuter dogs and cats but thanks to Animal-Kind International we had some funds available specifically for such emergencies.
After a telephone consultation with Windhoek Animal Hospital, it was clear, Lady was very sick and needed help urgently. The Spca Lüderitz organised with the Windhoek Flight and Training Center (WFTC) a rescue flight, as the next vet is several hundred kilometers away from Luderitz and would have take many hours on the road. Lady arrived at Windhoek Animal Hospital and after a night on the drip she did feel a bit better in the morning. But whilst everyone was waiting for Lady’s blood test results, Lady got weaker and weaker. Her blood test revealed that she was very sick and during a scan it became more and more clear, Lady had given up her fight 

With a heavy heart we had to let go of Lady… 

But we are so amazed, what people do for “just one old dog”:

Thank you so much to her owner for asking for help!!
Thank you so much to Spca Lüderitz for taking care of Lady and organising everything with the vet clinic and WFTC!!
Thank you so much to Windhoek Flight and Training Center – Tinus Dreyer – for sponsoring Lady’s rescue flight!!
Thank you so much Windhoek Animal Hospital for picking Lady up from the airport, everything you did for Lady and for being with her!!
Thank you so much Animal-Kind International for making it possible for us to help dogs like Lady!!

It is so heartwarming to see so many people come together to help – without question – a dog they have never met!

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