Knobel Competition

Every single Have a Heart team in Namibia is dependent on donations for the help we offer Namibia’s dogs and cats. So we can not ever say enough THANK YOUS to everyone who makes it possible for us to be able to help so many dogs and cats over the years!
Fundraising is most of the work we do and HaveaHeart Rundu holds every year a very good supported Knoble Competition Fundraiser (check the pictures on the page!).
And for this we want to thank you all participants but also every single sponsor:
A message from HaveaHeart Rundu:
Distell Namibia was our main sponsor in 2018. THANK YOU for your donation towards our project and all your support!
I want to thank Kaisosi River Lodge, Namibia Breweries and Cymot Rundu for their sponsorship towards our fundraiser. We appreciate all your support.