Karibib News

We are so excited to announce that Have-a-Heart Karibib will have their next spay days around mid of February!

And as everyone knows, Karibib is always coming in a double pack! Not only Karibib’s less fortunate dogs and cats will have a chance of a new start in life and becoming a Have-a-Heart-Family-Member, also Usakos’ dogs and cats are not left out!

Dr. Baines and his team from Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia will spend in total 4 days with spay/neuter operations, vaccinations, parasite treatment and check ups!

Jean Marie and her team are working tireless to get the funds needed for the February and all future spay days together, and in case you would like to sponsor the operation of one or two – or more – lucky cats or dogs or just some cool drinks or a snack for the team, there is still time to do so!

Please contact Jean Mari at haveaheartkaribib@outlook.com or at Have-a-Heart Karibib via a private message to get all the details how to help and support!

Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible so far for Have a Heart to help so many dogs and cats!