Karibib Feral Cats

We would like to share fantastic news from Karibib with you! The Karibib-Feral-Cats-Team was able to trap another six cats!!

The five female and one male cat made their trip to Omaruru yesterday to see Dr Estelle for their spay/neuter operation and vaccination. They did very well and recovered fast.

But even better: the cats are members of the big colony the team has been trapping for the last 6 months, and now there are only two female cats left on the list for spay from this colony!

In total we managed to have 33 feral cats from Karibib sterilised this year – this is a huge positive impact, thousands of kittens will not be born over the next few years and a big amount of suffering has been prevented!

Thank you so much to every single person who made this possible!