Karibib Feral Cat Week

As promised an update about the 18 Karibib Feral Cat kittens!

If possible, young kittens should be removed from a feral cat colony. They still can get used to humans and the chances to live a happy and healthy life is simply much higher in a loving home than on the street.

For us to give the 18 kittens a better chance to survive was only possible because the beyond fantastic Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) immediately offered to take them in! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

After the last spay day Jette and Karin took the kittens home to Windhoek, all of them got a check up at Windhoek Animal Hospital and soon after, the socialisation started.

After a few days, 11 of the kittens (the rest is still with Karin in Windhoek and also still looking for a forever home) got a lift to the Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) where a loving volunteer immediately started spending time with them – to further socialise them, to get to know them better, to find the perfect home and to show them humans are kind and fun 

Three of the little ones already found a home. If your heart and home is open for a soon-to-be-rare-Karibib-Feral-Cats-kitten (fingers crossed we will be able to sterilse the last cats soon and there will be no more kittens!!) please contact Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA). There are currently in total 28(!!) kittens up for adoption at the SPCA!

In case you are not able to adopt a kitten – or adult cat! -, please consider a donation for kitten food to the SPCA! The SPCA has already a lot of unwanted kittens to take in from unspayed Swakopmunder cats and didn’t plan on so many extra kittens from Karibib, they are in dire need of kitten food donations!

First three beautiful pictures taken by Simone Kauert Photos