Karibib Feral Cat Week

A few days ago we explained why it is so important to control feral cat populations in a humane and sustainable way with Trap-Neuter-Release.

Today we would like to give you a very good example of what happens when there is no control. As mentioned before, we currently are able to help 2 feral cat groups in Karibib. From the larger group of 30 cats, 26 have been trapped and sterilised by a vet. This is fantastic!

On the downside, we haven’t yet been able to catch 4 of the cats. Unfortunately, all 4 are females and all four had kittens a few weeks ago. An unbelievable 18 (yes, eighteen!!!) kitten were born to just 4 cats!

Imagine the numbers of kitten born to just this one feral cat group if none of them is sterilised….

The pictures show some of the kittens and tomorrow we will tell you where they are and how they are doing 

In case you would like to support the feral cats in Karibib and make sure there are enough funds to spay or neuter them all (not only the four of the large group but also the cats of the smaller group), please donate here:

Account Name: Have a Heart Namibia
Bank: Bank Windhoek
Account no: 2000 266 940
Branch: 481-673 (Outjo)