Karibib Feral Cat News

The feral cat trapping is in full swing!

This is how it works at the moment in Karibib: the cats get their daily food from a very kind and caring person inside those boxes. Thanks again Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) for borrowing them to us 

After a while the cats are used to go inside the boxes and when their big day for spay or neuter comes up, the door will simply be closed and off it goes to Dr Estelle in Omaruru 

How many do you think have been yesterday for their make over? Watch this space!

There are currently three little ones still part of the group, as they are too young to be sterilised yet and also too fragile to live on the street, the Cat Protection Society of Namibia took them into foster homes. As soon as they are ready to start their lives as a tame house cat, they are in need of loving homes. Have a look at the page and adopt a Special Karibib Ex Feral Cat