Karibib Cats update

Update from the feral cats in Karibib!

Jette managed easily to catch 3 of the feral cats and off they went for their sterilisation and vaccination to Dr Estelle in Omaruru and later back home it all went very well and the text trip is already in planing!

Thanks again to Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) for borrowing the boxes! We had no complains about travel comfort from the cats 

And more good news: as life on the street as a feral cat is very tough and not every little one will make it to adulthood, Cat Protection Society of Namibia took the little kittens under their care to give them a chance of a happy life as a house cat! The little ones are currently at foster homes, until they are ready to go to good forever homes and enjoy life in a home 
Have a look at the page in case you would love to adopt one of the “Karibib Cats” 

A big big THANK YOU to every single one who is involved in this fantastic initiative! It’s so wonderful to know the feral cats in Karibib are having so much support!