It’s alway sad to loose a family member and we would prefer not to have to post sad news again after we lost Lady just a few weeks ago (see below) but we want to tell everyone – again – how awesome people in Namibia can be!

The picture shows Jose during our August 2016 Spay Day in Luderitz. We have to admit he wasn’t our happiest customer, but his family was very thankful that Jose and two of his sisters got sterilised! Last week Jose got hit by a car and his family immediately asked for help at the Spca Luderitz, who contacted us within minutes and asked if we could assist as well. Of course we will help our family member and Jose is not an exception and luckily because of Animal-Kind International we had funds available for Jose to be treated by a vet!
Luderitz doesn’t have a vet, so next important thing was to organise a lift for him. Tinus Dreyer offered without hesitation to donate petrol money so early the next morning Jose went off to Mariental. The absolutely great Dr Erna Meyer changed her plans she made on her day off, to be there and help Jose as soon as possible. She prepared everything to give him a lift to Windhoek so that his open fracture could be operated and he would be under supervision over the weekend.

But then sad news came in; Dr. Erna took an x-ray and it showed not only Jose’s leg was terribly damaged, his hip was destroyed. There was no way for Jose to be rescued and sadly we had to let go of him… 

But the reason we post this sad story is to say thank you everyone who help Jose so that he didn’t need to suffer!

Thank you so much to: his owners for asking for help, Spca Luderitz for taking him in, organising everything and going the extra mile, Tinus Dreyerfor making it possible to bring Jose to Mariental, Dr Maya Dahlberg for helping with the organisation, Animal-Kind International to make it possible for us as a spay and neuter program to also help injured animals in need, and last but not least Dr Erna Meyer for doing the best you could do for Jose and being there for him!!