Have a Heart!

From time to time we are asked why we help “only dogs and cats” and not people?
Well, first of all: When HaH started to offer free spay/neuter for low and no income dogs and cats, there has been – and still is – no other registered castration program in Namibia. This alone shows the urgency of such a project.

Secondly, the great demand: there are hundreds of owners all over Namibia, waiting desperately for their pets’ turn to be castrated, vaccinated and treated against parasites.

But is this really all HaH does? Help the dog or cat of the low or no income owner?

No, it is not.

Of course the dog or the cat is the one who gets castrated, vaccinated and treated against parasites. But in all the years Have a Heart is now operating, we not once had a dog or cat coming to us by itself to book in. It is always the loving, caring and worrying owner, who accepted our offer; the owners who know it is best for the animals to be sterilised and vaccinated, but simply couldn’t afford it.

But for us there are more reasons to offer free spay and neuter, vaccination, parasite control and basic emergency care.

Despite the fact we talk a lot to children about handling and keeping a dog and cat in a safe and correct way and how to react correct when a dog is charging a person, this is what we do:

With the free service we offer for pets of low or no income pet owners, we take a lot of weight of the owners shoulders, financially and also psychologically.

The animals are healthier and on top of it, the owners don’t have to worry about finding a good home for puppies (every 6 month) and kittens (every 4 month).

They don’t need to worry their dogs will contract and die of Pavo or Distemper. Or tick bite fever. They can worry less about the fact their dog could infect the children with worms or fleas.

The dog will be less aggressive and is strolling around much less, which minimises the chance of getting injured, run over or stolen but maximises the time it is at home, protecting the family and their possessions.

And of course there are no two opinions about the feeling of safety when your dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies.

And did you know that Namibia’s Wildlife also benefits from our work?

So in short: There is no such thing of only helping dogs or cats and not their families in Have a Heart’s work. Have a Heart supports the low and now income, caring and loving pet owners!