Happy Faces

Happy Faces 🐶😃

This picture was taken during one of the 5 spay week ends Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay had held in Walvis Bay’s townships during the past 3 years.

We hope that we can soon have number 6!

To help the less fortunate, we entirely depend on donations. Every cent of every donation is spent on sterilisation, vaccination and parasite control. Please join us in stopping unwanted breeding and dumping of defenseless animals.

Become part of something positive and change a life with a donation today! THANK YOU!

Bank Details:
Have A Heart Walvis Bay
Bank Windhoek
Account # 800 490 4562
Branch number 481 872
Cheque account

Find a vet who can sterilise your cat/ dog here: http://www.van.org.na/section.php?secid=9&menuid=9

Happy Faces 🐶😃This picture was taken during one of the 5 spay week ends we have held in Walvis Bay's townships during…

Posted by Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay on Friday, March 1, 2019