Great news from Keetmans!

The cat on the picture is a tiny little girl, not even close to one year old and she already had her first litter of kittens in September, just before the visit of the mobile clinic.

The babies were too young to have the mother cat sterilised at that stage, but her family was very worried about her as she was still so young but already having kittens.

The fantastic Have a Heart Keetmanshoop team made sure the cat will be operated at the state vet as soon as the kittens were old enough. She really struggled to raise her babies, she lost weight and didn’t look healthy anymore. A second pregnancy at this stage might have been too much for her to handle and cats can get pregnant within months after the last litter!

But now she is sterilised and she has all the time she needs to recover and grow, she can concentrate on herself and become a healthy cat. She is much loved by her family and she got the best chance to be a happy and healthy cat for many years!