Fire’s Rescue

Beautiful, 4 year old Fire has had an unlucky day last week, he roamed around, had a road accident and broke his leg 

Luckily his concerned owner Mr. Gaoseb, cares about Fire very much and even more luck for Fire, thanks to Animal-Kind International‘s emergency fund, Fire’s leg could be fixed and Fire didn’t have to be euthanised over a simple but painful injury!

Fire of course also got neutered, so that he will hopefully not run over streets in search of a female in heat anymore. Of course he received his vaccination. And to boost his healing, he got a vitamin injection, an anti parasite treatment and of course pain medication.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports dogs like Fire. Dogs that are loved and cared for by their family, but couldn’t afford such an operation.

Dogs like Fire are the kind of dogs and cats Have a Heart is able to help, because of YOU!

Thank you!!