Feral Cats in Karibib

A big shout out goes to Jette and her friend in Karibib! Both of them realised that there is a feral cat colony who needs their help!

Feral cats are fantastic to keep rats and mice under control, but it must be made sure, that the cats are not cold, hungry, sick or injured. And also that they are not multiplying non stop!

Jette asked Have a Heart for help to get the twelve feral cats castrated and when she learned, our only problem is the trapping and transport to the vet, she immediately stepped up and said “I will do that part”.

Dr Estelle from Omaruru will operate the cats (yes, Jette will drive them from Karibib to Omaruru and back!) and the fantastic Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) didn’t hesitate for a second when we asked if we can borrow transport boxes! THANK YOU! 

The cats are currently fed close to the boxes to get used to them and as soon as they are ready, Jette will start the transport  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We will keep you updated about our Karibib cats make over