Fantastic news from Blik!

Beautiful Blik is living at the Kappsfarm location and is one of the lucky dogs that had been neutered during a spay with the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia in December 2018.

Sadly Blik is sick with TVT, but luckily a lot of people came together to help him: 
His owner, who asked for help; Dr Maya, who organised Blik’s treatment with Dr Minty in Windhoek; Animal-Kind International who made sure we have the funds for Blik’s treatment; and last but not least the wonderful Cat Adams – Act of Kindness who immediately stepped up for Blik and offered to transport him once a week from Kappsfarm to Windhoek!

Blik is a lovely boy and a good patient and he loves his days with Cat 

And we are beyond happy that Blik is feeling so much better, that he is gaining weight and that he will be healthy soon! 

Thank you everyone who is helping Blik!!

Blik, Have A heart se brug hondjie. Hy het vandag vir sy tweede TvT behandeling gegaan. Hy is so vriendelik. Hy wou nie…

Posted by Cat Adams – Act of Kindness on Tuesday, July 30, 2019