Dogs and their families!

On 8 February, “The Namibian” reporter Nomhle Kangootui published a very nice article about his visit during a spay day in Rundu, we will share below the interviews he did with two of the dog owners, Antonio Jasinto and Claudia Kangwiyi:

“”LOOKING worried that his dog might not wake up, 13-year-old Antonio Jasinto said he did not know what he would do if something happened to Lion, his protector from bullies and the family’s guard against wild animals.

“He is brave, and he makes me proud that when he is not feeling well, I also do not feel well. He is my best friend and part of my family. When I grow up, I want to educate people, especially those who abuse and eat them, about the value of dogs.”

Jasinto’s dog is named Lion and he is one of about 200 dogs and cats, male and female, which were surgically sterilised in Rundu a week ago.

This is the second time that Jasinto was bringing Lion, but fellow pet lover Claudia Kangwiyi was doing so for the first time. Asked what her dog’s name was, she smiled and said “we just call him Rio”.

Rio is two years old, and although Kangwiyi is fond of him, she says Rio is a cheeky dog.

“I am worried, and hope he does not bite people. Last year, we heard that the people were coming to take our dogs to Windhoek, so I did not come. But when most people returned home with their pets, I told myself that when they return, I would be there.

“Rio is a useful dog which keeps thieves and animals away from our homesteads. If there is something wrong, he barks continuously and wakes us up,” Kangwiyi added.””