This beautiful little girl from Rundu is one of the many, many unlucky homeless dogs in Namibia. She has to survive every day without a family, love and a name, giving birth to puppies, alone in a hidden place, many times. The puppies usually end up as strays as well, because they don’t get socialised with humans and fighting to survive, most of them die very young.

But two days ago this dog’s life changed! Dr. Baines went out and darted her, she received her spay operation, vaccination and parasite treatment and because she isn’t adding more unwanted puppies to the dog overpopulation, a family of the area she lives in, committed to feed her! Isn’t that simply fantastic?!
And all this is only possible, because one great person sponsored a sterilisation!
Thank you so much to Kathrin Malkmus for giving this dog a chance to live a better life, a name  CHARLY  and the feeling someone cares about her!