Brenda in Karibib

Meet Brenda from Karibib. Jean-Mari Uys and the team first met Brenda in January when her worried owners brought her to Dr. Baines’ Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia as she was suffering from tick-bite fever. Jean-Mari committed to helping Brenda and cooked food to hide her medication in, even cooking food for Brenda’s brothers and sisters so they wouldn’t get jealous  During the last Have-a-Heart Karibib spay trip Brenda was finally well enough to receive her spay operation from Dr Baines and became a member of the Have-a-Heart family – a family whose members we commit to providing necessary medical care and vaccinations for.

As you can see Brenda is now such a happy and healthy dog – Jean-Mari says Brenda is a big sweetheart who she and of course Brenda’s family loves to bits. THANK YOU Jean-Mari and everyone supporting us – YOU make stories like this a reality 

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