Remember Blompot?
Gorgeous Blompot is living with her family in Bethanie, several hundred kilometers away from the next vet. She has been one of our very first customers for sterilisation two years ago.

When we came back to Bethanie last year in September, her very concerned owners brought Blompot to us with tears in their eyes. Blompot had been attacked by a dog and her front leg bone was in pieces… Her owners thought Blompot had to be put down 

But not with us! After Dr. Maya checked Blompot (she was otherwise a healthy cat) Dr. Baines was able to take the leg off and after a short recovery time, Blompot was able to go back home to her family!

The picture shows Blompot a few days ago in Behanie, her follow up check went well and she is a very happy and healthy and much loved cat